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At Augustana College, we welcome and encourage applications from students who have been homeschooled. Individuals who have been educated at home are often highly suited to the Augustana experience.

As a homeschooled student, your academic background is most likely well-rounded and balanced. Flexibility in your schedule has given you freedom to explore your interests and talents, as well as time for the deeper focus that strengthens skills in research, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

You also know that education is more than curriculum. You've experienced lasting academic partnerships, so you will recognize the relationship-centered approach at Augustana. In the classroom, in the lab and field, on the court and overseas - your professors and coaches will be your mentors. As you build your college experience toward a capstone senior inquiry project, your mentors will become your partners and peers.

At Augustana, your college education will prepare you for a life of discovery and purpose - in your career and community, and down the new paths your ideas may lead you. We encourage you to come visit campus, take part in an admissions interview, and apply.


Campus Visit and Admissions Interview

All homeschooled applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule an admissions interview with a member of the admissions staff. The interview allows you to ask specific questions about Augustana and gives us an opportunity to learn more about your homeschool experience and your college aspirations.

To schedule your admissions interview and campus visit, contact our visit coordinator at (309) 794-7341. You can also schedule your visit online.


Campus Resources

You'll work with an admissions counselor one-on-one throughout your college search process, from visiting campus to advice about your application. Find your admissions counselor.

Get a different perspective from one of our very own faculty members, who homeschools his own children, and can speak to the benefits and advantages of being a homeschooled student at Augustana. Email Dr. Mariano Magalhaes and view his profile.


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