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Augustana makes available four public service brochures that may be helpful for any college-bound high school student and family:

Preparing for College, The Parent Path was written to help parents keep their students on the "college track" during the high school years. It can be handed out to parents at any time, but optimally it would be used during freshman orientation.

The College Path Checklist is a user-friendly guide to keep students on track as they move through the stages of their college search. This is the original and still most popular pamphlet in this series.

Education And The Liberal Arts was written to alleviate some of the misconceptions and apprehensions that parents and students have when considering a liberal arts college.

Questions You Should Ask About A College will help your students when they are talking to schools at college nights or on a campus visit.

These brochures are available to high schools upon request. If you need just a few to have in your office, or if you need a large quantity as a handout at college planning seminars or college nights, please let us know.

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Classroom materials

Augustana alumni who are teachers may request materials for their classrooms. These include laminated periodic tables, laminated math formulas, posters, pennants, notepads, and brochures.

You also may request an Augustana representative to speak to your class.

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