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Students planning to seek part-time campus employment should contact the Office of Career Development in CORE in the Olin Center. Career counselors can help students find a job on or off-campus, and offer assistance to students seeking Community Service Federal Work Study opportunities

Augustana posts on- and off-campus posting for jobs and internships at Augie Hub. The college does not assign or guarantee jobs.  

After the beginning of fall term, students are encouraged to visit the Office of Career Development Office to find out about job postings from academic departments and administrative offices. First-year students will have the opportunity to apply for jobs in Dining Services at Orientation and Registration.

See Campus Jobs for details on how to apply

A campus job helps students develop good work habits, communication skills and time management. It is also an opportunity to network with faculty and administrators and meet other students. Students also may gain career experience. For example, a biology major may find a job as a lab assistant.

All student employment positions are paid at the current minimum wage of $8.25. Students can schedule up to 9-10 hours per week based on the student's availability and the needs of the employing office.

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a need-based financial aid program that allows a student to work on campus to earn money for college expenses. Part-time jobs  are coordinated through the Office of Career Development Office. These jobs will be listed on Augie Hub.

Students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study may work on campus through general employment. They are encouraged to apply for openings in their areas of interest. They will be considered depending on the number of qualified Federal Work Study eligible students available for those positions.

While a student's financial assistance award letter may show eligibility for Federal Work Study, students should not include that dollar figure when budgeting their remaining out-of-pocket costs for the entire academic year.

Reasons for this:

  1. A job must be obtained first in order to earn the awarded work study funds. 
  2. Wages are not credited to a student's account in the Business Office. Students will receive a biweekly paycheck which will be sent to their campus mailboxes. Students then will have the option of using the money for personal expenses or applying it to their account for tuition.


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