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Cultural Diversity Award testimonials

Chris Huerta '15

Hoffman Estates High School

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Areas of study: Psychology, Spanish and Latin American studies

In his words: "To start off, the Cultural Diversity Award was one of the most helpful scholarships that allowed me to attend Augustana. Without it, I simply would not be here having the best time of my life. Not only did this award allow me to attend Augie, it opened my doors to many connections on campus because award winners would receive special campus volunteering opportunities. I would quickly jump on these opportunities, which have led me to have high leadership roles on campus. The CDA award is something that I will forever hold dear to me and is something that allowed me to become the best I could be."

Mayu Oya '16

Iowa City West High School

Hometown: Coralville, Iowa

Areas of study: Neuroscience, pre-medicine

In her words: "The Cultural Diversity Award made me want to express my culture even more, and get involved in programs and activities that are related to diversity. It made a difference by helping me to explore many other opportunities that include diversity, and to be involved in the community."

Urid Pacillas '16

Vernon Hills High School

Hometown: Vernon Hills, Ill.

Areas of study: Secondary education (social studies and language arts) and French

In her words: "The Cultural Diversity Award gave me hope. My parents stressed the financial issue of attending college, so when Augie awarded me this award, and others, I just knew that Augie was the school for me. I feel very accepted here, despite the fact that I am part of a minority. Thank you for this award."

Anissa Pemberton '15

Danville Schlarman High School

Hometown: Hoopeston, Ill.

Areas of study: Anthropology, economics and Africana studies

In her words: "In the most obvious way, the Cultural Diversity Award helped me pay for school; though in a broader sense, it also allowed me to experience Augustana in a new way. I met some of my good friends and acquaintances on the Tuesday and Wednesday of Multicultural Orientation, and it opened the doors to meeting others. It also opened the door to my main major, anthropology, through a compelling discussion of what race and its connection to our culture means in our daily lives."