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Eric Rowell

Eric Rowell

Assistant Director of Admissions & Diversity Outreach

Campus Phone #: (309) 794-7153



Hometown: Chicago, IL

Current Town: Rock Island, IL

College Attended: Augustana College, St. Ambrose University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Augustana College; Master of Organizational Leadership, St. Ambrose University

Major: Business Administration

What did you do before Augustana? Prior to Augustana I worked in Non-Profit organizations focused on youth programming.

Which departments do you act as a liaison for? English, Creative Writing, Classics, Philosophy, Religion, History

What is your favorite time/tradition of the Augustana school year? My favorite time on campus is the fall because of the vibrancy on campus with the students.

What's great about the Quad Cities? The Quad Cities are a place to have a family and to make long-lasting friendships.

What do you like to do around the community? I like to attend festivals and events in the QC

Do you do volunteer service in the community? Where? I am a volunteer youth sports coach

Why did you decide to work in this field and/or at Augustana? I chose to work at Augustana because I love the school and I believe in its mission.

What advice do you have for students who are searching for the right college for them? Advice I would give to a student would be to find a school you would be proud of because of how it has helped you develop into a person that is appreciated, respected, and loved by all those you would encounter.



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New Mexico