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Class of 2018: Majors in mind, ready for new things

We contacted some of the first members of the Class of 2018 to see what they plan to do when they arrive at Augustana this fall.

Here's what we learned:

joshua armstrong

Joshua Armstrong

Sycamore, Ill. (Sycamore High School)

Choosing Augustana
After visiting each college, you finally just have this distinct feeling that “this is where I want to be and I would give everything I’ve got to be there.” That’s just how I was when I visited Augustana during the winter. The image that first comes to mind is the view from the CSL towards one of the dorms on a wooded hill-line. At the bottom of the hill and to the right is a wooden bridge that leads to another portion of the campus. I am not sure why it stuck with me but that is the image I thought of right before I signed on for Augustana.

Campus life
I'd love to either a) Start an Airsoft club and/or b) Join the paintball club. I also enjoy the outdoors and running/working out so it won't be uncommon to see me jogging around campus and occasionally stop to do some ridiculous-looking muscular strength drill. I enjoy pretty much anything relating to politics, law or philosophy. So I would definitely like to be involved in Model UN, Student Government, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on without feeling overly booked schedule-wise.

Aerielle Charles

Aerielle Charles

Olympia Fields, Ill. (Southland College Prep)

Choosing Augustana
I chose to spend my four years at Augustana because of the feeling every time I step on the campus. I've been to the campus six times and every time I go I'm in love with the campus. Augustana is absolutely somewhere I see myself becoming successful. I'm interested in majoring in biology following the pre-vet track. I would, also, love to minor in creative writing.

Campus life
I plan to continue creative writing and take part in the literary magazine (SAGA) while I attend Augustana. I would also like to continue concert band. I also want to try out the cooking club and I could, maybe, be involved in Greek life. One thing I plan on bringing with me when I move to campus will be my iPod. I cannot go a day without listening to my favorite songs.

melissa cherry

Melissa Cherry

Elburn, Ill. (Maple Park Kaneland)

Choosing Augustana
When I first visited Augie my sophomore year, I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful campus, and the happy, welcoming environment of the campus community. No other school I visited ever lived up to the standard that Augie had set, and once I got my acceptance, I just knew it was where I had to go!

Campus life
I am planning to major in Spanish, with a double major in either CSD or communication studies, and a minor in psychology. I'm planning on getting involved in campus ministries and volunteering in the community, and Spanish Club. I want to try so many different things once I get to Augustana: Quidditch, Viking Pups, Augie Bigs, the Observer... pretty much anything I can get my hands on!

marlen gomez

Marlen Gomez

Mundelein, Ill. (Mundelein)

Choosing Augustana
I visited Augustana during my freshman year of high school and I fell in love with it, from the campus to the friendly environment. Every single college visit I went to since then was compared back to my first trip to Augie, and there was no competition really.

Campus life
I plan on majoring in multimedia journalism and mass communication. I definitely want to get involved in the school newspaper [the Observer], but I'd also like to be a part of the tennis club as well as choir, like the one I am in now for my church. I also heard there is a Quidditch team on campus and I'm kind of interested in seeing what that's all about. I'd like to get involved in everything that I can!

mollie magee

Mollie Magee

Overland Park, Kansas (Olathe East)

Choosing Augustana
I chose Augustana for many reasons. As soon as I walked on the campus I fell in love with it. I loved the atmosphere of the whole school—everyone seemed to have so much school spirit and fun. I loved the class size because I was looking for a smaller school.

I also absolutely loved the tennis team and tennis coach; I am going to play for the team so the team and coach were important to me. I also will continue my Spanish, volunteering, campus ministries, and hopefully leadership positions.

Campus life
I am going in undecided on a major, but I want to minor in Spanish. I also would love to learn a new language and get to know people I normally wouldn't. I'm really interested in international business currently, but I want to explore all my options before declaring a major. I also want to try to be involved in many clubs, and possibly Greek life.

tyler rubarts

Tyler Rubarts

Paxton, Ill. (Paxton-Buckley-Loda)

Choosing Augustana
As soon as I stepped on campus it felt like home. I met with the CSD department faculty and Coach Ols and Coach Pettis for track, and knew Augustana was the college for me.

Campus life
I am planning on majoring in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) to become a speech pathologist. I also am hurdler and a long and triple jumper and can't wait to continue my track career at Augie! I also love playing volleyball, so hopefully I will find some extra time for intramurals.

sierra scanlan

Sierra Scanlan

Romeoville, Ill. (Romeoville)

Choosing Augustana
As soon as I stepped onto campus, it felt like home to me. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. It doesn't hurt that the campus is absolutely beautiful and I love the fact that it is spread out enough to not feel congested, but at the same time, the class sizes are the perfect size. I know it's somewhere with endless opportunities and somewhere that will make sure I succeed.

Campus life
I plan to major in English, but I've been thinking about being a double major with journalism being the second major. I plan to continue running cross country and track, but I'd also love to try something new.

clare stephenson

Clare Stephenson

Normal, Ill. (Normal West)

Choosing Augustana
Initially, my parents made me put Augustana on my list of schools, and I really wasn't all that interested until the first time I visited campus. I immediately felt at home, and despite how much I hate winter, I even loved it in the snow! Everyone I met, even the professors, genuinely loved Augustana and were all more than willing to answer any questions I had.

Campus life
Right now my plan is to major in pre-medicine and neuroscience, and I want to do volunteer work, intramural sports, and study foreign languages. I’m bringing my coffee maker, because I don’t think I could survive without it!

gabe tucker

Gabe Tucker

East Peoria, Ill. (East Peoria)

Choosing Augustana
Augustana's beautiful campus and excellent business program made it the best choice for me. I want to double major in business–marketing and political science. I love how open and friendly all the students are and the professors are really passionate about what they do. The atmosphere is incredible and being in the Quad-Cities area means there's plenty to do on and off campus.

Campus life
I plan on joining the paintball club and continue playing music throughout my time at Augustana. I’ll bring my favorite guitar: Theodore. I also definitely will be in the Entrepreneurial Center a lot, and I want to try out the debate club.