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Celebration of Learning, film and performance presentations

11 a.m., Old Main 132, Isaac Lauritsen, Phidlynn Augustin, Virginia Aumann, Alexandra Blust, Alexandria Bruozis, Sarah Colette, Elizabeth Cowan, Carlisle Evans Peck, Amy Fagan, Meghan Grahs, Isaac Lauritsen, Thanh Le, Michalina Malysz, Kirsten Mathisen, Eleanor Nolan, Anna Novotny, Vanessa Reyes, Rosalie Starenko, Clair Wright, “Representing Learning in Community: A Holden Village Musical”
Advisors: Dr. Sharon Varallo, Dr. Lendol Calder, Dr. Laura Hartman

Description: During the recent Holden Village term, all 18 students wrote, directed and filmed "We Are One: A Holden Village Musical" an hour-long musical that sought to explain Holden Village by utilizing the course concepts from the three courses taught in the Learning Community: History of American Consumerism; Environmental Ethics; and Communication, Time and Technology. In this presentation, the Holden Village term students will explain course concepts and Holden Village by showing part of the film that they made while living and studying in the wilderness of the Cascade Mountains this past January and February.

12:15 p.m., Augustana Teaching Museum of Art, Co-curators Jordan Kirkbride and Elizabeth Jakaitis, art history: “Whistler and His Contexts”
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Goebel

Description: American expatriate James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) was a rebel, dandy, wit, eccentric, and above all, an extraordinary artist. A pivotal figure in the cultural history of the 19th century, Whistler continues to come alive through his work and words, which display a bold artistic vision that sparked controversy in his own time, and resonate to this day. Whistler and His Contexts, an exhibition currently on display in the Augustana College Teaching Museum of Art, was co-curated by seniors Elizabeth Jakaitis and Jordan Kirkbride with Dr. Catherine Carter Goebel, Paul A. Anderson Chair in the Arts and Director of the Centre for Whistler Criticism. This exhibition examines the works of Whistler and the artists working before, during and after his career in an effort to understand Whistler's life and art in its context. Whistler was a very peculiar, fiery personality, who was very interested in creating his own public image. This is highlighted in the exhibition, as is the way that Whistler's contemporaries and followers imagined him and contributed to his image. The co-curators will lead an informal tour and discussion of the exhibition, and will be available for conversation and questions about Whistler, art history and the artworks.

2:45 p.m, Old Main 132, Students from “Gender, Race and Sexuality in Popular Culture,” (women and gender studies), “Feminist Remixes: Engaging with Popular Culture through a Feminist Lens”
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Popple

Description: Dr. Jennifer Popple’s WGST 380 Special Topics class, "Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Popular Culture," will present its culminating project: a feminist “remix” of a popular culture film or television series. The class is made up of a majority of juniors and seniors, so this project is not only the final drawing together of the theory and analysis that we have done this term, but also the example of the sort of feminist analysis that they will be capable of doing in their future work. Students, in small groups, have chosen a film or television show that has been popular in the past three years, and are “remixing” it in order to demonstrate how the popular culture item could be “healed” from a variety of wounds: misogyny, racism, materialism, homophobia, etc. The presentation will enable audience members to also see how sneaky popular culture can be in inserting problematic themes, plot lines and characters, and how we as audience members can push back against them. With the help of students in the class, Dr. Popple will introduce the class and project. The small groups will then have posters and multimedia prepared along with short presentations, which may include short performances of remixed moments, in order to engage with the audience.