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Art Studio

vickie phipps

Instructor: Vickie Phipps

Vickie R. Phipps is an assistant professor of art. She completed her MFA degree in studio arts at the University of Tennessee and her undergraduate work at Emory & Henry College in Virginia. She has more than two decades of work experience in visual communications. Her current work is a mixture of unscripted performance and studio practice. At Augustana, she teaches courses such as Graphic Design, Typography, 2D Design, Web Design, and Contemporary Issues in Graphic Design.

Program dates: June 23-24, 2014

Program cost: $150

Includes lodging, all meals and any field trips. Students arrive on campus Monday, June 23, and depart Tuesday, June 24.

Course description

The Augustana campus transforms into our studio for the day as artists are asked to embrace "making as thinking." Our goal will be to play (yes, really). Takeaways from the workshop include: practice active looking, conduct visual research, generate original concepts, make/refine visual works and to begin to develop an individual process of working.

“I use the term play, but I mean coping with the problem of form and content, weighing relationships, and establishing priorities. Every problem of form and content is different, which dictates that the rules of the game are different, too.”
– Paul Rand, The Play Instinct

Tentative schedule

Monday, June 23

  • Check-in
  • Welcome reception

Tuesday, June 24

Art studios are places of experimentation and excitement. The schedule will be fluid outside of lunch.

Students should dress comfortably as participants will move around a great deal. Because the course will work with charcoal and other materials, students should not wear nice clothing.

Before and after lunch:

  • Students will make marks using various mediums.
  • Students will use improv and performance techniques in addition to traditional ways of making.
  • Students will collect, sketch, build, arrange, crop... look and listen. Think and laugh.