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Augustana Summer Academy 2016

Augustana Summer Academy

June 19-24, 2016

High school students can experience a unique college atmosphere and summer adventure by taking a course in the Augustana Summer Academy.

The academy's courses range from two to five days and take an active, hands-on approach within a close-knit learning community based on the beautiful Augustana campus. You'll find fun outside of class, too, through field trips, evening activities and ventures off campus.

Classes are taught by popular Augustana professors. Investigate your interests, whatever they may be, and have fun while enriching your education on Augustana's campus this summer.

Registration is closed. Please contact Bonnie Jessee with questions.

Courses and workshops

Note: Students participating in courses starting Monday, June 20, should plan to arrive on campus the evening of Sunday, June 19. Students will check in at Swanson Commons residence hall beginning at 4 p.m., meet professors and fellow students at a welcome reception and get acquainted with campus and the residence hall. Cancellation policy is at the bottom of this page.

The Amazing Brain

Dr. Shara Stough and Dr. Rupa Gordon
Session I: June 19-21 (filled - join the wait list.)
Session II: June 21-23
Cost: $340
In this two-day workshop students will be introduced to the organization and function of the brain, our most amazing organ! Participants will learn about the brain in the same way the neuroscientists do by asking questions, performing hands-on experiments, and drawing conclusions from their findings. Activities, including sheep brain dissection, the recording of electrical potentials from the legs of cockroaches, and the collection of biophysical signals from the human brain and body, will be supplemented by videos, short lectures, and discussions of topics that most interest the group. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clearer understanding of the field of neuroscience and its practices.


Art in Two Forms: Sketches to Steel

Peter Xiao and Ronda Wright-Phipps
Dates: June 19-24
Cost: $850

You will be Van Gogh half of the day — painting, looking and drawing forms in color, and imagining unique forms of your own. You will be Calder the other half of the day — sculpting, and turning your ideas into steel sculpture. You will learn drawing and colors, but also grinding, welding, cutting, cold connecting three-dimensional forms.You will see materials in new ways and use them to make your own art.



The Art, Science, and Industry of Coding

Filled — join the wait list.

Dr. Forrest Stonedahl
June 19-22
Cost: $510
In this course, we'll explore both the yin and the yang of computer science... and the interconnectedness of this digital glue. You will learn basic coding (computer programming) skills in the accessible (but powerful) NetLogo language, and use these skills to code a scientific simulation, and create beautiful artwork and 3-D animations. You'll also learn about some special effects for cinema, and how even simple computer simulations can lead to surprising results, in fields such as biology, physics, geology, social justice, and more. To top things off, you'll learn a little bit of the Java language and develop a small adventure game for Android phones/tablets.



Cadaver Dissection

Dr. Bradley Kennedy
Session I: June 19-21 (filled)
Session II: June 21-23 (filled) 

Cost: $340
During this program students will learn and reflect on the sacred gift of body donation. Students will be introduced to proper dissection techniques. Students will also learn superficial anatomy of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, superficial and muscular anatomy of the upper and lower limbs through dissection. Students will learn about the donor and be able to answer anatomical questions based on what is learned during the course. This course is only offered to rising high school juniors and seniors.



Creative Writing Workshop

Katie Hanson
June 19-24
Cost: $850
There isn't much time to write creatively in high school, so come to Summer Academy and write prose poetry and short stories, movie scripts and plays, and more. You will try writing exercises to get your creativity flowing and do activities to have new experiences to write about. You will have the opportunity to experiment with different forms and genres and by the end of the week you will have a notebook of ideas, at least a couple of completed new pieces, as well as lots of fun memories and new friends. No prior experience necessary!



CSI: Augustana

Dr. Mary Ellen Biggin, Dr. Patrick Crawford, Dr. Greg Domski
June 19-23
Cost: $680
Crime scene investigation may rule prime-time TV, but how does Hollywood get forensics wrong? In this course you'll be introduced to the scientific reasoning behind forensics, focusing on DNA, bones and trace evidence. Discover the truths CSI can reveal by using Augustana's state-of-the-art equipment, critically evaluating evidence and applying your findings to a simulated crime.




Get Your Dance On

Deanna Richardson
June 19-22
Cost: $510
Dance lovers will hone their skills in Augustana's newly remodeled dance studio. Students will practice jazz, ballet, hip-hop and modern dance while learning stretching techniques, improvisation and choreography. Participants will showcase their new moves and techniques in an informal performance on the final day.



Like Comics? Write Your Own Graphic Novel

Dr. Umme Al-wazedi
June 22-24
Cost: $340
In this two day workshop, students will build a collaborative learning community through reading and interpreting graphic novels. Learning activities include but are not limited to: classroom discussions, scenes from films, and artistic projects (you will create your own sequence for a graphic novel).



The Psychology of Happiness

Dr. Jessica M. Schultz
Dates: June 19-21
Cost: $340
In this two-day workshop, we will explore questions of happiness through the lens of psychology. Participants will learn how psychologists study these topics through discussion, mini-lectures, videos, experiential activities, and hands-on studies. We won’t just talk about happiness, we will actually try out the evidence-based strategies designed to increase it.



Signals and Radio Astronomy: The Sounds of the Stars

Dr. William Peterson
June 19-22
Cost: $510
Students will learn the basics of radio astronomy, a vibrant and expanding area of astronomy that looks for natural radio emission from space, even forming radio images of objects in the sky. This will be focused toward building a specialized receiver and antenna, which together form a simple radio telescope that will be used to “listen” to the sun. Students will gain skills in circuit design, signal processing and an understanding of how electromagnetic waves work. Students will also visit the nearby VLBA telescope in North Liberty, Iowa — an element of a globe­spanning array of radio sensors that forms an Earth­sized telescope for observing the universe.



Speech Pathology

Joni Mack
Session I: June 19-22 (filled — Join the wait list.)
Session II: June 22-24 (filled — Join the wait list.)
Cost: $425/$375
Discover the importance of communication in this hands-on experience in Augustana's Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing. You will observe children with communication disorders, talk with their parents, and assist professional speech-language pathologists in our fun summer therapy program for children with communication impairments.



Vocal Academy

Voice faculty
Dates: June 19-23
Cost: $680
Join Augustana vocal music professors on campus and professionals in the music business in the Quad Cities for four days of exploring vocal techniques, history and musicianship skills needed to sing in multiple genres of vocal music. Students will strengthen their skills in classical, musical theatre and popular song genres in private lessons while also participating in daily performances in masterclasses, field trips to significant music venues, and recording songs in a studio session. Returning students will have the option to participate in advanced sessions on these topics.


The World of Harry Potter

Pastor Richard Priggie
Dates: June 19-22

Cost: $510
Following the seven-book and eight-movie series, Harry Potter fans have a chance to step back and delve more deeply into the saga which experts have called “the shared text” of this generation. Participants in this unique Harry Potter immersion will learn to use interpretive keys such as alchemy to read the books at a deeper level and will experience how it helps our reading to learn traditional literary archetypes, such as the shapeshifter and the shadow. We will concentrate on Deathly Hallows, comparing and contrasting how the book and the movies complement one another in exploring the deeper meanings of scenes and characters. Along the way, you will have a chance to discover your Patronus, use a Marauder’s Map on a Hogwarts scavenger hunt, walk a labyrinth, and even play a bracing game of Quidditch.


Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy and commitment of Augustana College to provide an environment free from discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin, service in the uniformed service (as defined in state and federal law), veteran status, sex, age, political ideas, marital or family status, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or any other classification protected by law in matters of admissions, employment, housing, or services or in the educational programs or activities operated by the College. For any questions on academic or housing accommodations, please contact please contact Bonnie Jessee at 309-794-7395.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation refunds for cancelled courses — Courses not meeting minimum enrollment will be canceled. Students who signed up for a canceled course will have the option to sign up for another course or receive a full refund. Courses meeting maximum enrollment will be closed as soon as maximum enrollment is reached. Students wishing to participate in a closed course can choose to be placed on a wait list and will be notified should an opening become available. All students on wait lists will be notified by June 1.

Cancellation refunds for participant registration cancellations — Students who signed up for a course and cancel their registration before April 15, will be entitled to a full refund. Registrations canceled from April 15-May 15 will be charged a $150 administrative fee. Registrations canceled after May 15 will not be refunded. If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Jessee at 309-794-7395.