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2015-16 Winter Term at Holden Village

To enquire about a late application contact the IOP Director.

Holden Term is a domestic "foreign term" going to a Lutheran wilderness retreat center near North Cascades National Park, WA. What's so foreign about Holden Term? Well, for the weeks we are at Holden, you won't be checking email-there is no internet access. At Holden, there are no phones, no TVs, no radios. Holden Village is so remote people can only get there by boat. There are no paved roads, no automobiles, no strip malls, no rush hour commutes.

No rush hour: that's why people go to Holden Village. Holden attracts people who live in the modern world and are looking for something better. In the winter, the Village fills with people of all kinds who are attracted to what Holden offers. Like fast food (homemade bread available 24/7!). Like coffee and tea (better than Starbucks!). Like how everything slows down when people get around on foot (except for sledding, which seriously speeds up!). Everyone enjoys a community life marked by friendship, merriment, and work that really matters. Night time entertainments are lots of fun, too, played out under a vault of twinkling stars.

If Holden Village sounds like a portal to the past, we suspect it's really a window on the future. In the search for a sustainable future on this planet, we think there are lessons to be learned from places like Holden Village.

Holden in Brief

Eligibility: Everyone welcome: Holden Term is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors regardless of major.  Courses offered cover several graduation requirements and Holden Term carries an LC (Learning Community) designation.  Students enrolling in this program may also enroll in other December courses. Holden Village welcomes all people as God's children regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or political opinion.

Academics: The Holden Village Term uses a 3 + 1 courseload.  All students are required to take all of the courses offered in the program.  This program qualifies as a Learning Community.  Learning perspectives are listed for each course.

BIOL 385: Applied Ecology (PN/3 credits)  Dr. Muir

HIST 335: The West in American History and Culture (PP/3 credits)  Dr. Simonsen

RELG 3xx: Creator, Creation & Calling (PH/3 credits)  Dr. Mahn

HLDN 300 Holden Term Seminar (1 credit)  Team Taught

Calendar: 5 Weeks on Campus, 5 Weeks at Holden: Students will enroll in all three courses as well as the 1-credit seminar.  Courses will begin on campus in November/December and will move with the group to Holden Village in early January, where the remainder of the program will take place.  Students will travel to and from Washington by train, bus, and ferry boat. At Holden Village the line between class and social time, chores and learning will be blurred as Holden Termers will be expected to live by a covenant of shared responsibilities to the group and the village itself.

Cost: The tentative program fee for the Winter Term at Holden Village Program is $13,625,

Cost vs. Term on campus.   The Holden Village Term fee is roughly $1,800 below the cost of Winter Term on campus. 

Cost includes: Tuition, transportation, lodging and meals. 

Cost does not include: Room & board on campus for the first half of Winter Term, discretionary spending (minimal)

Financial Aid:  Participants on this program are eligible for the same aid as if they were to remain on campus for the entire term.  This includes all scholarships, grants and loan eligibility.  This program is not eligible for Augie Choice funds as it does not qualify as international study nor an internship or research program.

Faculty Contacts: Please direct all questions to the program director, Dr. Jason Mahn (Religion Dept.)