Chair: Larry E. Scott
Christina Johansson

Course Listing

Scandinavian Language Studies

Swedish 101 Elementary Swedish
Swedish 102 Elementary Swedish
Swedish 103 Elementary Swedish
Swedish 201 Intermediate Swedish
Swedish 202 Intermediate Swedish
Swedish 203 Intermediate Swedish
Swedish 301 Advanced Swedish Grammar and Conversation
Swedish 302 Advanced Swedish Composition
Swedish 303 Advanced Swedish
Swedish 401 Fourth-year Swedish
Swedish 402 Fourth-year Swedish
Swedish 403 Fourth-year Swedish

Scandinavian Area Studies

Swedish 215 Topics in Scandinavian Literature
Swedish 230 Introduction to Scandinavian Culture
Swedish 313 Beginnings of Scandinavian Literature
Swedish 315 Modern Scandinavian Literature
Swedish 341 The Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman
Swedish 344 The Dramas of Ibsen and Strindberg
Swedish 370 Scandinavian Art
Swedish 410 Seminar in Scandinavian Literature

Major Requirements

For a Major:
27 credits in Scandinavian Department
Swedish 101-303 and three culture classes
or 400 level Swedish during ASSIS
Credits do not include first-year Swedish

For a Minor:
18 credits in Scandinavian Department
Swedish 101-303
Credits do not include first-year Swedish


Scandinavian majors have had many interesting and exciting opportunities to gain experience in different fields and earn academic credit. Recent Scandinavian majors have worked at the Grand and Sheraton hotels in Stockholm and the Swedish UNESCO office in Stockholm. Additional internships are available with Volvo, SAAB, the U.S. Embassy, and other organizations.

Students in the Department

The Scandinavian department supports several student-led activities and events on and off campus each year. Every Tuesday, students meet up in the Library cafê for "Kaffebord" where native Scandinavians and American students taking Swedish speak Swedish and talk about Sweden over a free cup of coffee. The department affiliated Scandinavian Club organizes several trips to Swedish-American spots around the Midwest (Bishop Hill, Andersonville-Chicago, the Swedish-American Institute in Minneapolis) in addition to various events on campus (Film Fest, Sankta Lucia, Julbord).

Feel free to contact the following students if you have any questions concerning Scandinavian life on campus.

Christina Peterson Andreas Henninger