Augustana has been sponsoring Augustana College Summer School in Sweden (ASSIS) for over fifteen years. The program features intensive study in either first-, second-, or third-year Swedish for five weeks at Grebbestads folkhögskola, located on the west coast of Sweden. The program concludes as students spend a week in Sweden's capital, Stockholm.

The ASSIS group in Stockholm, 2006
Who can come on ASSIS?
Anyone with the desire to learn the language!
When is it?
Classes start around the end of May and finish at the end of June. Around the first week of July, the group spends a week in Stockholm.
Where do we stay?
For classes, the group will stay at Grebbestads folkhögskola. In Stockholm, students stay at the Hotel Arcadia.
Do I get credit?
Yes, you will get a year's worth (nine) credits in the Swedish language.

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Grebbestad's Folkhögskola

*Contact Dr. Scott with questions or to ask for more information*

Dr. Scott, Francesca, Paul, Christina, and Brandon in Stockholm, 2006