Philosophy @ Augustana



Timothy Bloser
Assistant Professor (B.A. Princeton; Ph.D. Stanford)
Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind
  Old Main 328  |  (309) 794-7269

Roman P. Bonzon, Chair 
Professor (B.A. Haverford; M.A., Ph.D. Pittsburgh)
Aesthetics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Language
  Old Main 221A  |  (309) 794-7383

David K. Hill
Professor (B.A. Kansas; M.A., Ph.D. Chicago)
History and Philosophy of Science, Theory of Knowledge
  Old Main 331  |  (309) 794-7412   Homepage

Gregory Jesson
Visiting Instructor (B.A. UCLA; M.A. USC; M.A., Ph.D program Iowa)
Epistemology, Phenomenology
  Sorensen 328 |  (309) 794-8298

Douglas Parvin
Instructor (A.B. Harvard;  M.A. program Tufts; ABD, Rutgers)
Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics 
  Old Main 127A  |  (309)  794-7451

Heidi Storl
Professor (B.A. Capital; M.A., Ph.D. Ohio State)
Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Existentialism
  Old Main 324  |  (309) 794-7572