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Mary Wollstonecraft Writing Award


2014 Winners

Award Description

This award, named in honor of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), the English philosopher who wrote the classic text A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792), is given annually by the Augustana Women's and Gender Studies Program. It is designed to recognize excellence in women's and gender scholarship at the undergraduate level.

Awards are typically presented in three categories:

  1. Short analytical essay
  2. Long analytical essay
  3. Personal/reflective prose (perhaps a series of journals you've written for a class, or a paper that draws heavily on your own experience, or makes its point creatively, rather than analytically)

Entries are in the spring term for student papers written in the previous spring, fall, and winter terms. Entry deadline is typically around April 1.

The deparment seeks entries that display excellent liberal arts scholarship and creativity at the undergraduate level. Entries should have a thesis or underlying insight that is skillfully supported and rhetorically effective. Since feminist scholars have influenced all academic fields, any course offered in the college could, potentially, be the basis for written work addressing historical, theoretical, social, psychological, artistic, and economic questions relevant to the Wollstonecraft Award.

Winners will receive a small monetary award and a certificate of recognition. Entries will be judged anonymously by professors from other colleges.

For more information, contact Jennifer Popple  our Umme Al-Wazedi, History/WGS, x8916, OM228C.

Wollstonecraft Essay Winners 2014
Long Analytical Essay:
First Place
Anissa Pemberton
"Queer Catholicism:  A Reexamination of Ideals"
RELG 323 Sex Ethics
Prof. Daniel Morris

Second Place
Ebony Allen
"The Reality of a Globalized Economy"
RELG 327 Business Ethics
Prof. Dan Lee

Short Analytical Essay
First Place
Katherine Rea
"The Neglected Heavens: Gender and the Cults of Helios and Selene in Bronze Age and Historical Greece"
Classics Senior Inquiry
Prof. Mischa Hooker

Second prize  
Sarah Baxter
"The Global Feminist Approach to Psychoanalysis"
WGST 230 Global Issues in Women's Studies
Prof. Araceli Masterson
Honorable Mention
 Emmalynn Tully
"To Paint a Protest"
LSFY 102-24
Shakespeare to V. Wolf
Prof. Karin Youngberg
Vanessa Reyes
"Gendered Violence, Poverty, and Service Work"
WGST 201 Women and Change in the U.S.
Prof. Jane Simonsen

Personal/ Reflective Prose
First Prize
Evan Henkel
"A Furry Tale"
Honors 102
Community and Faith
Prof. Jane Simonsen

Second Prize
Elizabeth Jakaitis
"With the Beatles"
ENCW 203 Writing Creative Nonfiction
Prof. Anne Boaden