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Theatre Arts scholarships

Each year, the Augustana College Department of Theatre Arts awards numerous scholarships to students who plan to remain active in theatre at the college level. Students do not need to major or minor in theatre arts in order to qualify.

Scholarship students are required to follow theatre arts department participation guidelines in order to maintain their scholarships.

Auditions will be conducted from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on three Saturdays, Jan. 17, Feb. 7 and March 14, 2015.

Completed application packages must include a completed general scholarship form (below) and a resume detailing your theatrical experience and training (performance and/or technical). Please send resume to Christina Myatt at

Your audition will consist of an audition/portfolio presentation and an interview with theatre arts faculty. Students may bring photos or other supporting materials (programs, reviews) to refer to during the interview.

For more information, email or call Professor Jeff Coussens, (309) 794-7611.

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