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Student Feedback

What Do Our Students Think About the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Augustana?

"Augie was a great fit for me.  I loved my CS classes and I loved debating and I especially loved working with local businesses through the Augie Web Guild.  My teachers always worked with me so that I could manage all three of those commitments, and I really appreciate that.  I ended up landing a cool job in Chicago at as a software engineer where I have been able to continue learning and growing." - Ben Fischer '13

"I think both math and computer science are important subjects that can be used in almost any job in some way.  I am glad that some courses from each of my majors overlapped, which allowed me to be a double major.  The faculty of the math/cs department are some of my favorite as well as the best and brightest I have met.  I think the small department really matters as well as how available the teachers were during office hours." - Amber Peloquin '11

"I like that the computer science major covers so many different topics.  A lot of information is introuced that can be helpful in finding a job.  I like that there is always someone there to help in both majors.  There is always someone to talk to when a problem arises when doing homework or studying". - Sam Anderson '11

"When I arrived at Augustana I didn't have much direction as to what I wanted to major in so I did what any other student would do and just took classes that interested me. This soon led me to the Mathematics/Computer Science department. Through the stimulating classes conducted by the teacher staff made up of many brilliant individuals, I immediately decided on majoring in mathematics. The informative staff then proceeded to educate me with the different paths a mathematics major can take me. Not only is the teaching staff really motivated to helping students learn but they also care for us as individuals."  -Mike Sula '03

"I entered Augustana knowing that I wanted to major in computer science, but after only a few math classes I knew that I had to pick up the math major as well. I have had the opportunity to learn from nearly everyone in the department and have enjoyed every class. They each have a passion for their subject that is passed on to the students. I would definitely recommend this program to any student wanting a challenging and rewarding major and career."  -Michael Henry '03