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Degree Requirements

Each student is required to take two Religion courses while at Augustana, typically a 100-level course and a 300-level course. (Transfer students are required to take two 300-level courses.) At least one of the courses must have Christianity as its primary focus. Beginning with the incoming class of September 2004, each student will be required to take a course in Christian Traditions as part of the First Year Liberal Studies program. (Transfer students, beginning September 2004, will be required to take a 200 or 300-level course in Christian Traditions.)

Major in Religion

24 credits in RELG beyond the Christian Traditions AGES requirement, including 260, 460 and at least two (2) courses from 390, 391, 392, 410. Majors are encouraged to take at least one course in which religious traditions other than Christianity are a substantial part of the material.

Minor in Religion

16 credits in RELG beyond the Christian Traditions AGES requirement, including 260 and at least two (2) of 390, 391, 392, 410.