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Program outline

The Augustana College pre-physical therapy program is not a graduation major, so a major in some other field must be completed if the student intends to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The choice of graduation major is not critical for acceptance into a PT graduate program, but because of the high number of required courses majors in biology and psychology are the most common.

Suggested Courses

Course Number Course Name Year
CH121-123 General Chemistry 1st
BI200 General Zoology 1st or 2nd
BI255 Human Anatomy 1st or 2nd
BI210 Cell Biology 2nd
BI362 Human Physiology 3rd
PH101-103 Physics 3rd
PS100 Intro to Psychology 1st or 2nd
PS216 Life Span Development 2nd or 3rd
PS240 Psychology Statistics 2nd or 3rd
PS421 Abnormal Behavior 4th
SO100 Intro to Sociology

Additional Relevant Courses

MA219 Calculus
BI352 Kinesiology 3rd or 4th
BI343 Microbiology 3rd or 4th
BI358 Neuroanatomy 3rd or 4th
BI455 Cadaver Dissection 4th
PS321 Personality
CL111 Medical and Science Terminology
SP101, 201 or 401 Speech
PE140 First Aid & CPR
Courses in Philosophy, Computer Science, English and an Internship