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Guaranteed admissions program

Applicants who meet the following requirements are reviewed by Washington University's Program in Physical Therapy Admissions Committee. A maximum of 3 students will be automatically accepted into the program. Those students who do not meet the requirements listed above will be reviewed under the standard admissions process established by The Program.

  1. Receive a BA from Augustana (most common majors are biology and/or psychology)
  2. Hold an overall 3.5 GPA on a scale of 4.0 scale. The majority of prerequisites should be completed at Augustana College but courses completed at other 4-year universities and 2-year colleges are acceptable.
  3. Receive a 1000-combined score on the verbal and quantitative sections on the GRE.
  4. Submit three favorable letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a biology or psychology faculty member.
  5. Submit a complete application by November 15th of the year preceding the desired year of admissions. NOTE: Dr. Lori Scott must be notified prior to this date of your intentions to apply to the guaranteed admissions program as she is required to send a notification of intent to the admissions committee.