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Students Studying in the Rat Room
Student study group in the Rat Room.

Math Student Resource Room

The Math Student Resouce Room is located in
Olin 203.  This is a walk-in help center for students. 

The room, nicknamed the Ratiocination or "Rat" Room, is staffed by experienced mathematics students that are available to help you understand the material covered in class and provide guidance with your homework.  The tutors are available Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  This service provides a convenient option for those who encounter difficulties with their mathematics work and would benefit from immediate help.  The tutors provide this assistance free of charge. 

This is a good location to meet and work with friends and others who are taking the same course.  It's also a great meeting place for small study groups even if you do not need the tutor resources.

Fall Term 2015
General mathematics tutoring schedule:
Olin 203
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 3:30-5:30
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:  7:00-9:00 p.m.

Computer Science (targeting CSC 211 & CSC 212 students)
Olin 204
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:00-9:00

If you need additional assistance beyond that provided by the tutors, please see your instructor.              

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To find all the mathematical shareware and freeware, along with reviews, go to the Mathematics Archives at the University of Tennessee.

The starting point for surfing the academic mathematical world has got to be e-MATH sponsored by the American Mathematical Society.

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Math/computer science software

Our computer science students use the Eclipse development environment as they learn the Java programming language.