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Student feedback

What do students think about the mathematics and computer science at Augustana?

"The professors are very helpful outside of class.  The courses are offered in a sequence that makes sense and they are often open for registration (you can get into the courses you need without any problems)."   Trung Nguyen '12

"I think the professors in this major were amazing.  I have learned so much from them and I couldn't have picked better professors"  Natalie Raziejewski '12

"I like that the computer science major covers so many different topics.  A lot of information is introduced that can be helpful in finding a job.  I like that there is always someone available to help in both majors.  There is always someone to talk to when a problem arises when doing homework or studying."  Sam Anderson '11

"I believe that this major sets me apart from others.  I believe that it shows my initiative and math skills are always desired and useful.  I am happy about the diversity of the classes offered" Cindy Kurasz '11

"I think both math and computer science are important subjects that can be used in almost any job in some way.  I am glad that some courses from each of my majors overlapped, which allowed me to be a double major (math and computer science).  The faculty of the math and computer science department are some of my favorite as well as the best and brightest I have met.  I think the small department really matters as well as how available the teachers were during office hours."  Amber Peloquin '11 

"I like how the math department is a close community.  It appears that the faculty all get along and enjoy working together and coming to work in general.  I think that carries over to the student population as well.  It is a relatively small major and every student has the opportunity for one-on-one relationships and instruction with their professors and classmates"  Jeff Miller '10

"The benefit of my math major is that I have a close relationship with almost all of the professors and am therefore comfortable asking questions or seeking advice.  I am very happy that I developed close relationships not only with my professors, but also my fellow students early on.  These close relationships have helped me reach a high level of mathematical understanding and I do not think I could have been as successful as I was if it weren't for the help from all those people" Mallory Thelander '10

"When I arrived at Augustana I didn't have much direction as to what I wanted to major in so I did what any other student would do and just took classes that interested me. This soon led me to the Mathematics/Computer Science department. Through the stimulating classes conducted by the teacher staff made up of many brilliant individuals, I immediately decided on majoring in mathematics. The informative staff then proceeded to educate me with the different paths a mathematics major can take me. Not only is the teaching staff really motivated to helping students learn but they also care for us as individuals."  Mike Sula '03

"I entered Augustana knowing that I wanted to major in computer science, but after only a few math classes I knew that I had to pick up the math major as well. I have had the opportunity to learn from nearly everyone in the department and have enjoyed every class. They each have a passion for their subject that is passed on to the students. I would definitely recommend this program to any student wanting a challenging and rewarding major and career."  Michael Henry '03