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Student Awards and Honors

Congratulations to our students for outstanding academic achievement in mathematics and computer science.

Pi Mu Epsilon is a national honor society that recognizes excellence in accomplishment and promise for further work in mathematics.  Each year Augustana College Mathematics Department initiates students in the Illinois Eta Chapter chartered in March of 1979 by the Augustana Mathematics Club.  The Chapter Officers are Dr. Tom Bengtson and Dr. Stacey Rodman.

Phi Beta Kappa Phi Beta Kappa is the Nation's oldest academic honor society. Phi Beta Kappa celebrates and advocates excellence in libral arts and sciences.  The Mathematics and Computer Science Department initiates it's top seniors into this organization each spring.

2011 Awards and Honors

2011 Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates
2011 Pi Mu Epsilon Members

Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates-    
Michael Avallone, Ryan Ferguson, Brian Green, David Huber, Danielle Knaizer, Cindy Kurasz, Kyle Nelson, Rebecca Noffsinger, Mary O'Malley, Brooke Randazzo, Benjamin Studer, Samantha Tyner, John VanBuren, Mark Warren, Sarah Willis  

Williamson Award Recipient-
Kayla Papish

McLaughlin Award Recipient-
Samuel Anderson 

2010 Awards and Honors

2010 Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates
2010 Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates

Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates- Samuel Anderson, Melissa Dalen, Isaak Daniels, Jordan Krage, Jeffrey Miller,
Ryan Miller, Sara Veselka, Kyle Weigand, Elizabeth Wierzbicki

Williamson Award Recipient
- David Macfadden

McLaughlin Award Recipient - Jordan Krage

Phi Beta Kappa Initiates - Isaak Daniels, David Macfadden, Alex Sieg, Sara Veselka

John Deere Scholarship Recipients - Samuel Anderson, Amber Peloquin

2009 Awards and Honors

2009 Pi Mu  Epsilon Inductees
2009 Pi Mu Epsilon Members

Pi Mu Epsilon Initiates - Ming Wei Chang, Stephanie Dilling, Torrie Hagel, David Macfadden, Ted McMillan, Matthew Pruitt

Phi Beta Kappa Initiates -Thomas Grimes, Matthew Pruitt

Williamson Award Recipient - Thomas Grimes

McLaughlin Award Recipient - Matthew Pruitt

John Deere Scholarship Recipients - Kevin Goveia, Sarah Willis

2009 McLaughlin Award Recipient
2009 McLaughlin Award Reipient, Matt Pruitt with Computer Science Professors, Dr. Morrow and Dr. Dungan.