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Drew Croegaert '11 gained experience at nearby Longfellow Elementary. He's now a fourth-grade teacher at Pleasant View Elementary just across the Mississippi River in Bettendorf, Iowa.
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The Quad Cities offers student teaching positions ranging from public to parochial and from inner-city to rural. Prior to student teaching, education majors complete at least three clinical experiences within local school districts. There also are a great number of tutoring opportunities in the Quad Cities, many of which are available through the education department.

The education department offers two immersion opportunities — in Jamaica and Florida — that provide students intensive, hands-on experience.

Through its collaborative partnership with nearby Longfellow Elementary School, the department provides education majors with "real-world" experience in the classroom in advance of student teaching.

2013 graduates

Here's a sampling of what 2013 education graduates have done:

Alannah Golden did field research at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine, Fla., as a sophomore and presented at a national conference in Denver the following year.

Sarah Ebener studied in Greece as a junior, discovered a knack for creative writing and relished her student-teaching experience.

Augustana offers a major in elementary education (1-6); licensure programs in art, foreign language (French, German, Spanish), and music education (K-12); and secondary education (6-12) in English language arts, mathematics, science (biology, chemistry, physics), and social science (geography, history). Elementary candidates completing their program by spring 2017 will be qualified for a K-9 license.

Augustana’s program has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education since that organization began in 1954. Fewer than half of teacher education programs in Illinois have this distinction.

The department has seven full-time faculty members, six with a Ph.D., and all serving as student advisors. An average class has 15-20 students, though some have as few as four.

Faculty members share a wide range of professional experiences with students: teaching in public and private schools in- and out-of-state, teaching abroad, moving from teaching to administration, field experience and advanced study.

Facts and distinctions

More than 90 percent of Augustana students enrolled in education programs complete their degree in four years, often including a term abroad.

Mary O'Malley ’11, mathematics and secondary education majors

“Because Augustana is a small liberal arts school, I was fortunate enough to work with the same faculty throughout my four years here, so not only was I able to form relationships with them, but they were able to see me grow and help steer me on the path that I needed to be on."

Lauryn Dick '11 Marie, music education major

"When I was finished student teaching, I looked back and saw what I was capable of doing. The experience reassured my passion for the career path I chose and gave me the confidence I needed to step out into the real world."

Meredith Skala '13, elementary education major

"Augustana’s education department has played a vital role in my development as an individual and as an educator. They have truly set the example for what it means to be influential."

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Augustana and Longfellow students make dream machines

When asked how she would make the world of the future better, Edita Salama, 11, built a dam to protect people from tsunamis. Edita, a student at Longfellow Liberal Arts School in Rock Island, made her project Tuesday during Augustana's Symposium Day. The Longfellow class was invited to create an object that would solve a problem.

May '74 brings experience to new magnet school

Ron May '74 will bring 40 years of experience as a music educator to yet another new role: performing-arts teacher for Davenport's new Creative Arts Academy. He will be among three full-time arts faculty for the new magnet school. "I'm very, very passionate about arts education. It is not a frill; it is not an extra," May said. " It is a driving force of our economy. We should not be ignoring it in education. It's vital."

Walsh '06 teaches peers as well as students

As a child, Amy Walsh '06 was inspired by an excellent teacher. Today, she has become one. A 2013 finalist for Illinois Teacher of the Year, Walsh was been with Bensenville District 2 since 2010. Her success and enthusiasm resulted in an invitation to serve as a demonstration teacher for her peers as well as students. Walsh studied elementary education at Augustana.
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