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Vietnam Term

Vietnam is an exciting destination for a U.S. college student. Two countries that were at war thirty-five years ago now have diplomatic and cultural ties, facilitated to a great extent by economic ones. Given that old enemies are now civil, our relationship with Vietnam can serve as a model for similar troubled global relationships. This conflict and subsequent reconciliation are important for all of us to study and to witness first-hand.

This international learning community draws upon multiple disciplines - political science, literature, economics, business, and history among them - offering students a rich interdisciplinary context in which to study Vietnam.

Winter Term 2008-09 Participants

2008-09 Winter Term Vietnam Participants

Front row seated: Beth Asbury, Ashley Booth, Dr. Mariano Magalhaes, Dr. Ann Ericson, Dr. David Crowe, * Jennifer Mirocha

2nd row: Maude Engstrom, Lucie VanHecke, Cindy Lau, Maria Ford, Megan O'Connor, Gretchen Bicego, Kate Rogers, Amanda Seifert, Joanna Stankiewicz, Molly Jackson, Emily Dunn, Kristen Deutsch

3rd row: Jason Schultz, Ken Haltenhof, Clare Webster, * Emily Hetzner, Beth George, Julie Disney, * Nate Hurty, * Noel Nahm, * Jonathan Schweppe, Eric Sproston, * Anna Knepler, * Mike Randolph

* Business Majors

For more information, please contact the program director Dr. Ann Ericson at (309)794-7471, Carlsson-Evald 308 or Dr. Kim Tunnicliff, Director of International Programs at (309)794-8283, Carlsson-Evald 111.