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Consumer Behavior (BUSN 328)


This course will cover internal and external factors that influence consumer buying decisions, buyer/seller relationships, positioning, branding, and information processing. There will be special emphasis on similarities and differences between Russian and U.S. markets and their relationship to consumer behavior based on the nature of this course. This course also carries a G suffix. 

This course consists of two components:

  • 8 weeks of regular class at Augustana
  • 2 week travel and activities in Russia


Augustana Component:

  • Develop student's knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior in order to apply this knowledge in developing effective marketing strategies. 
  • Evaluate and interpret psychological, social, and cultural factors that influence consumer decision making process.
  • Apply these theories to predict consumers' responses to difference marketing activities.

Study Abroad Component:

  • Enable students to understand how cultural, political, legal, and economic issues and business practices impact consumer behavior at international levels
  • Provide insights on effective consumer decision making process in cross-cultural settings
  • Give students unique experiences of exploring culture and history of Russia with respect to consumer behavior


CB (Consumer Behavior) by Barry J. Babin and Eric G. Harris: South-Western Cengage Learning (3rd Editon).
ISBN-13: 978-0-840-058515

Influence: Science and Practice by Robert B Cialdini (5th Edition): Pearson Education Company.
ISBN-13: 978-0-205-60999-4