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Business Day Success Stories

Student comments about Business Day

Business Day 2011

"I gained a better understanding for the kind of work environment that I would like to work in"

"I gained confidence in the way I present myself to employers, guidance in improving my resume, and I learned more about the multitude of jobs people in non profits do, but don't necessarily get paid for."

"I was able to learn how many indiviuals in this industry got started, and I was able to learn about when and where to apply for jobs in this industry."

"I learned about what skills were actually valuable in the industry, as well as what I need to improve upon to achieve them."

"The most important thing I gained from participating in this Business Day was a chance to network with some of the biggest key contacts in the Quad Cities marketing industry. I also gained insight into a field of the marketing world that I knew nothing about. I was surprised to find that the type of work conducted by this business was very fitting to my personality and it has opened up some ideas for what I want to do in the future."