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James Mitsos

James doing some exploring in New Zealand


Greenwood Dental

Greenwood Dental offers all types of dental treatment, with a particular focus on Cosmetic Dentistry. As they have a large team of Dental Practitioners, they offer Dentists who have special interests. These include Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry including Crowns, Veneers, Root Canal Therapy, Dental Implants, Amalgam Removal and Laser Teeth Whitening. They also have Dental Hygienists and a Dental Therapist to provide a high quality clean. A Dental Therapist is also available for Children's Dentistry appointments.

What aspect of your internship have you enjoyed the most?

I really enjoyed learning to assist the dentists. It is one thing that I wanted to learn the most, but I did not think I would have an opportunity to do it.