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Carrie Keahl

Carrie after finishing the Colour Run on Australia Day


Avian Behavioural Ecology Group, Macquarie University

The Avian Behavioural Ecology Group is part of the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University. Research in the group is based on a variety of Australian passerines in the wild and captivity in an effort to understand the diversity of species in terms of behavior and morphology. Current work focuses on the evolution of social behavior in colonially breeding species such as the zebra finch and fairy martin, true coooperative breeding in two arid zone species, the apostlebird and chestnut-crowned babbler, and speciation and the evolution of polymorphism in the grass finches of Northern Australia. In addition to addressing questions of basic Behavioural Biology, they have a parallel interest in applying the concepts and techniques of Behavioural Biology to practical conservation and in particular are making inroads into understanding the decline of the endangered Gouldian finch.