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Jaclyn Renn

Jaclyn Renn

Mental Health Association NSW

The Mental Health Assoication NSW Inc. is a non-government organisation and registered charity funded by NSW Health. Members are people who are interested in mental health issues. With a vision of a society that values, promotes and protects mental health and wellbeing for its citizens, their mission is to promote opportunities for the people of NSW to achieve their optimal level of metnal health through providing information, education about mental health, mutual support and advocacy services. The Association's major activities include provision of the Mental Health Information Service, the Facing Anxiety Program, support groupd (including training and establishment of new groups), mental health promotion and advocacy. 

Why are you participating in the "Augustana in Australia" program?

I am participating in the Augustana in Australia program because it is a great opportunity to help students gain experience in the areas relating to their major. I believe traveling across the world will help me gain an understanding of another culture and allow me to open my mind to the world around me. This program will not only help me grow as a student but also as an individual. It will teach me how to become more independent, help me with my communication and organizational skills, and will also teach me how to work in a business like setting with other employees. This program is great for students who plan on pursuing a career in the future relating to their internship and will help me gain an understanding of what I may or may not want to do with my major.

What value do you hope to add back to the internship site?

At the internship site I would like to add a new perspective on to how to approach certain situations, along with a fresh set of eyes. I would like to be open to learn and have the willingness to embrace the new life style I will be partaking in. I'm hoping the internship will feel like I always did my best in what I was working on and accomplished my goals with awareness and looking at each situation through multiple perspectives.

What do you hope to learn on your internship?

I hope to gain experience in my internship, dealing with the areas in which I am studying here at Augustana which is Psychology and Sociology. I want to gain lots of experience from my supervisor and the people I will be working with and learn how to work in an actual business in a real world setting. I want to learn about the different behavioral patterns within people and how to communicate and handle people in certain situations. I hope this internship teaches me communication skills and how react in certain social settings I may be placed into.  I am also hoping to come back with an idea about if this internship was something that I may want to pursue in the future and what qualities I have learned that will help me in United States.

Where do you plan to travel during your term "down under?"

I plan to travel within the city of Sydney Australia and possibly go to the Great Barrier Reef or New Zealand for my spring break. If I get the chance I would like to travel as many places as possible to make this whole experience worth wile. I think it would be fascinating to go to the western part of australia to see what more of the country part of town is like. I would also like to travel through neighborhoods and observe the difference be-teen Australian living and the United States living environment.

What do you anticipate to be the highlight of your experience "down under?"

I believe the highlight of my experience "down under" will be learning about the culture of Australia and seeing how people across the world live their daily lives compared to people within the United States. I am hoping to travel throughout the different parts of Australia and experience a different type of environment including: nature, people, wild life, food and many more. One last highlight I anticipate is, going through this experience with around 45 other students. Having the opportunity to experience the Australian life with my classmates will be a once and a life time opportunity and will greatly impact my life.