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Emily Schwass

Emily Schwass

Police Citizens Youth Club

PCYC is Australia’s leading youth development organisation with 59 Clubs and approximately 85,000 members throughout NSW. They aim to create fun & safe environments where young people can develop new friendships, build fitness, develop teamwork, and express their creativity. Once known as the Police Boys Club, PCYC facilities today are a centre for fun, fitness & friendship, where young people can enjoy a wide range of sports, arts and recreational activities, in a safe environment.


Why are you participating in the "Augustana in Australia" program?

I want to experience new things and take advantage of the opportunity to study somewhere new.

What value do you hope to add back to the internship site?

I hope to add positive energy and bring new ideas.

What do you hope to learn on your internship?

From my internship I hope to learn a lot about Australia's social welfare programs.

Where do you plan to travel during your term "down under?"

I am not exactly sure where I want to travel to yet, but I plan on traveling to as many places as possible and experience as many things as I can.

What do you anticipate to be the highlight of your experience "down under?"

The highlight will be trying new things, such as food and night life.

Anything Else?

I really hope to work with children for my internship.