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Clare Kilbride

The Lizard Centre

The Lizard Centre is recognised as one of Australia's leading providers of effective evidence based intervention for young children with autism and related disorders. The Centre opened its paediatric clinic in January 2003 and expanded to new premises in Chatswood in 2007. Lizard opened its adult services program in 2008. Lizard is the largest ABA clinic in Australiaand is the largest private autism specific early intervention centre in NSW. Lizard enjoys a solid reputation as Australia's pre-eminent provider of applied behavioural services.


Why are you participating in the "Augustana in Australia" program?

I am participating in the "Augustana in Australia" program to further my education and experience in my field of Speech Pathology as well as experience traveling abroad for the first time. I am participating in anticipation of learning a lot about myself and finding more ways to discern where in my field I would like to end up.

What value do you hope to add back to the internship site?

I hope I add the value of humility and generosity to the site. I am hoping to be greeted with these values and my deepest desire would be to return them back.

What do you hope to learn on your internship?

I hope to learn about a different approach to intervention and alternative methods of therapy. I also hope to learn more about their accents and different dialects that may occur there.

Where do you plan to travel during your term "down under?"

I don't really know at this time. I have thought about traveling to New Zealand if possible but I know that would be a lot of travel time to get there. I going to Australia with no set plan, which is against my norm, and to just see what happens and where it takes me.

What do you anticipate to be the highlight of your experience "down under?"

I anticipate all of the site seeing and traveling to be the highlight. I can't wait to be able to discover and explore Sydney and the surrounding areas and see what people and places I can find.