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April 1, 2010; Issue 2

Notes from the faculty

From John Delaney: the new Accounting Certificate

john delaney

I am pleased to report that the Accounting Certificate program was approved by the Faculty Senate at their October meeting.

This program provides a path for students to obtain the 150-hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam during their time at Augustana. Previously, most students would obtain the additional hours after graduating from Augustana at other institutions.

Here is more information on the Accounting Certificate program and the requirements to obtain the certificate.

Thanks to all of our alumni that provided input as we put this program together. We plan to offer the certificate beginning with the Fall 2011 term.

On a fun note: I will be working on preparation for the golf outing May 7 (lots of trips to the driving range)! Hope to see you there and as always thanks for your continued support of the Accounting Department.

From Pamela Druger: You're always one of us

Pamela Druger

A crisp fall day on the beautiful campus of Augustana College — what could be better? I often feel guilty about my work environment. I work with talented and caring colleagues, in an inviting workplace, with a clientele of bright and energetic young adults. And they pay me to do this!

I must admit to one moment of sadness in the fall. The seniors are gone. I always feel empty-nested. I know they are in graduate school or starting their exciting careers. Some will email occasionally, or I run into them at a professional meeting. With a few I have the privilege of establishing long-term friendships.

But after watching all of them grow into accounting professionals from silly sophomores, it is tough to let them go.

To those with whom I have lost contact: Write every now and then. Let us know how you are doing. Put together a small article for "Where are they now?" And know that wherever you are, you will always be a part of the Accounting Department at Augustana College.

janene finley

From Janene Finley: Service learning community

This year the Accounting Department has expanded its course offerings further to incorporate the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program into the curriculum. One new course offering pairs the VITA program with the Income Tax Problems class to form a new service learning community.

In the learning community, students will be able to apply the concepts from the tax class by preparing actual tax returns at the Martin Luther King Center in Rock Island. As they prepare the returns, they will be able to reflect on their experiences and see how the concepts learned in class, such as how to determine if someone is classified as a dependent or whether an expense is deductible on a tax return, are actually used by tax practitioners — all while providing a needed service for qualifying families in the community.

The second new course offering is for those students who have already completed the Income Tax Problems class or do not need a learning community requirement. The new one-credit VITA seminar will be offered as part of the Senior Inquiry experience in the accounting program so those students will be able to apply their tax skills by preparing actual tax returns. These two new course offerings are just a part of the many exciting changes that are taking place in the accounting program.

rob faulkner

From Rob Faulkner: The real world

Dr. Rob Faulkner, professor emeritus from St Ambrose University, has joined the Accounting Department as a visiting professor for the 2010-2011 academic year. He has been a part-time professor at Augustana since 2007.

He indicates that he is proud to be a member of the Accounting Department, which he describes as dedicated and caring. He also indicated he is extremely impressed by the academic abilities of the students he has met while at Augustana.

He is married and has two children and five grandchildren who he describes as the loves of his life.