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Accounting Summit lets students mingle with the pros

From left, Hilmir Kristinsson , Dana Diedrick, Professor Pamela Druger, Caitlin Laud and Edwin Fonseca at the summit.

Four Augustana students gave up three days of spring break in 2012  to attend the biannual University of Iowa Accounting Summit.

This conference gives students an opportunity to participate with accounting professionals and experience their first, but certainly not last, professional training event. This is the third summit sponsored by Ernst & Young, Rockwell Collins and the University of Iowa.

Dana Diedrick, Edwin Fonseca, Hilmir Kristinsson and Caitlin Laud spent time with students from other colleges and universities and professionals from the sponsoring organizations.

"The Accounting Summit served as a rare opportunity to network with a number of experienced accounting professionals in a social and academic setting," said Fonseca. "As a participant, I acquired an understanding unique from class on topics such as IFRS and US GAAP." 

Hilmer concurred, stating "To me the accounting summit was a very informative experience as well as a great experience to meet students from other colleges/universities and network with professionals from both the private and public sector of accounting."

In the last session of the summit, an E & Y partner spoke of the hiring and recruiting criteria used by the firm. During the Q&A period, Fonseca asked the partner if he would have been hired using the current practices. All of the E & Y professionals got very quiet — an Augustana College student was questioning one of their national partners. 

The partner thought carefully, laughed, and said, "No.  I wouldn't have made the cut." It was a great way to end the conference.

Featured sessions:

Leadership in the Accounting Profession: Dan Black, Campus Recruiting Director for the Americas, Ernst & Young  

Detecting Deception in Accounting Settings: Jeff Everson, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Ernst & Young, Michael Ricks, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Ernst & Young

 The Numbers Game: How Financial Information is Communicated to Market Participants: Steve Buesing, Vice President of Investor Relations, Rockwell Collins  

The Wisdom of Crowds — Political Contests and Accounting Applications: Joyce Berg, Professor of Accounting and Director of the Iowa Electronics Market, University of Iowa  

Team Blast — Collaboration and Competition in the Workplace: Miriam Ricketts, Managing Partner, Executive Edge  

GAAP/IFRS: Accounting for Leases: Andrew Schlesinger, Senior Director, External Financial Reporting, Rockwell Collins , Phil Randall, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young  

Convergence: A Conversation about "Condorsement":  Andrew Schlesinger, Senior Director, External Financial Reporting, Rockwell Collins, Phil Randall, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young  

What's Next: Perspectives on the Profession: Tony Anderson, Vice Chair and Midwest Managing Partner, Ernst & Young, Douglas DeJong, Professor of Accounting University of Iowa