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Curriculum changes starting 2009-10

After a two-year planning period, the accounting curriculum has undergone a substantial revision.
The college's commitment to a Senior Inquiry program within all academic departments led the way for the creation of the senior seminars three-course sequence in accounting.

  1. Research Methods is the first in the sequence. Scheduled for fall term of the student's senior year, this course helps students understand the methodology used by accountants in doing professional research. As overall society and the discipline of accounting become more complicated, it is important to have the life-long learning skill of professional research.
  2. Ethics is the second course in the sequence. To be known as a profession, the experts must have a code of ethics. It is easy to find examples of how unethical accounting has damaged the well-being of many.
  3. The final course is the Senior Seminar, and this course may be fulfilled in several ways. A student can complete a professional internship or participate in an academic audit and complete the seminar. Or the student can research a current issue in the accounting profession and prepare a report.

Along with the senior seminar additions, intermediate accounting has been expanded to three courses taken in the junior year. These three courses cover the contents of the FAR section of the CPA exam. The two advanced accounting courses have been dropped, and the content moved either to the senior seminars or the intermediate sequence.

In the academic year of 2010-11, the accounting department will offer six new elective courses, at least two of which will be required to complete the major. The new topics will be: fraud accounting, corporate accounting issues, international accounting, advanced tax accounting, governmental and not-for profit, and advanced managerial accounting.