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Urban, suburban and rural advantages

Augustana students are also citizens of the Quad Cities, home to 380,000 people, and a place where urban, suburban and rural settings are within minutes of each other. 

Top 10

Who knows better than students about the best places OFF campus to eat, relax and have fun? We polled some of them about their top spots and this is their list.


An inner-city school, world-class art museum, NPR affiliate, Fortune 500 company, organic farm, baseball club, botanical center...  (See a list from 2012)

The river

It's the Mississippi, of course, the fourth-largest river in the world. For students, it's a place to participate in crew, study, work, bike, run, walk and just look.

The community

Starting with their first weekend at Augustana, students get off-campus to meet all kinds of people, find places to volunteer and see what's out there. There's a lot.