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Winter-Spring Semester in Sevilla Program (annual)

Home to FlamencoSpend five months in sunny Spain next year.



The Sevilla Program is a Spanish immersion program for students who have completed Spanish 203 or higher at Augustana.  Students take intensive language courses both in January and February before taking a Spring Term selection of courses in Spanish, Sociology, Anthropology, Art History, Business or Political Science.   Part-time (3 credit) internships are also available for qualified students.

The Sevilla Program is an affiliated program, which means that Augustana students withdraw from Augustana to enroll in the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies in Sevilla during the Winter and Spring trimesters.  The program has been pre-approved for transfer coursework in Spanish and other fields, including Learning Perspectives, but does not offer a Learning Community designation.  Also, since this program requires withdrawal from Augustana, financial aid packages do not travel with students, though some federal aid is available to those who qualify. 

Eligibility: This program is recommended for Spanish majors or minors and requires prior completion of Spanish 203.  Student must have no fewer than 6 credits of Spanish at Augustana with a 3.00 GPA prior to application for the program.  Students who wish to do an internship for 3-credits must be approved by CC-CS. 

Program Schedule:  Annual, from January to May.  Students study at Augustana for Fall Term, then leave for Sevilla in early January.  Applications to CC-CS are due in October.  Augustana applicants can work with International & Off-Campus Programs to complete required forms during Spring term the year prior to the program.


Program Fee: For upcoming program fees for next year, visit the Spanish Studies Abroad website listed below.  Students enroll in the Spring Semester + J-Term.  Augie Financial Aid is not available for this program, however Augie Choice and Federal Aid programs are available for those who qualify.  For many students the cost of attending the SSA school in Sevilla (Center for Cross-Cultural Studies) for a semester, even without financial aid from Augustana, is comparable to the cost of remaining at Augustana for the two trimesters the program replaces.  This program is designed to offer equivalent credits for 2 trimesters (Winter & Spring).

Course List:  All participants enroll in 18 credits during the January & Spring Semester program.  This is organized into two immersion language sessions in January and February, followed by a Spring semester of 3 courses.  The intensive language sessions transfer to Augustana as Spanish 314, 2 credits of Spanish 310 and 3 credits of Spanish 300-level elective.  During the Spring semester, students take a 1-credit conversation course (included in the 310 credits) and 3 elective courses.  Elective courses transfer either as direct equivalents to Augustana coursework (SPAN 322, 331, 328, 315 or BUSN 405) or as 300-level elective credits with Learning Perspective approval (PP, PS).  Students may also opt to enroll in an internship program equivalent to 3 credits as one of their Spring courses.

For more information, download the 2015 program brochure,  contact the International & Off-Campus Programs or visit the website for our partners, Spanish Studies Abroad.


Funds from Augie Choice are available for this program to any student with Junior status (60 credits or more) at the time of the program departure.   Students must apply for Augie Choice at least 60 days prior to the program departure.