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Spring Term in Africa (Spring 2015)

East and West Africa come together in one program.

Study, Intern, Travel and Serve in Ghana and Tanzania. 



Kokum National Park, Ghana

The 2015 Spring Term in Africa combines 6 weeks in Ghana, where students will live with families, study with Augustana faculty and intern with local and international NGO's, with a 4-week tour of Tanzania, including visits to Zanzibar, the Kilimanjaro region and a safari.  This program combines East and West Africa in a single program, giving students a better udnerstanding not only of commonalities between African nations, but also the unique cultures, histories and challenges in each nation.  Students will study Art, Music and History, but will also earn credits for their service-based internships in Ghana. 

Program Dates:  March-May 2015, exact departure dates TBD.  Orientation will be held on campus Winter Term of 2014-15

Program Cost:  $15,500 (Tentative).  With Augie Choice ($2,000) this program is estimated to cost LESS THAN a Spring Term spent on campus.

Includes: Tuition, Airfare, Ground Transport, Lodging, Meals while in Ghanaian homestays,  Excursions, Insurance

Does not include:  Discretionary spending, most meals while in Tanzania or during Ghanaian side trips.

Faculty Contacts:   Dr. John Pfautz (Music), Dr. Todd Cleveland (History) and Dr. Rowen Schussheim-Anderson (Art)

Courses Offered:  This program will offer three 3-credit courses, a 1-credit academic seminar and a 2-credit Service Learning Internship.  The Seminar and Service Learning Internship are required.  Students may opt to take 2 or 3 of the remaining three-credit courses.  All participants will receive credit for a Learning Community as well as the learning perspectives connected with each course (see below).  Courses on this program are:

Art 342: Studio Art of Africa (PA, G). Taught by Dr. Rowen Schussheim-Anderson

History 375: West Africa Past & Present (PP).  Taugth by Dr. Todd Cleveland

Music 342: Music & Culture of West Africa (PH, G).  Taught by Dr. John Pfautz

ISS 302: Seminar on African Culture.  1 Credit course team taught by program faculty

INTR: 2-credit Service Learning Internship Program:  Exact course number TBD.

 This program is open only to full-time Augustana students.  

Funds from Augie Choice are available for this program to any student with Junior status (60 credits or more)

at the time of the program departure