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Internship & Study Program in Sydney, Australia

A Winter Term Internship Program in Sydney, Australia

This is not your traditional study abroad experience. This is an opportunity to combine classwork on campus with an 7-week internship in Sydney, Australia. Spend the coldest months of winter in the heart of an Australian summer, earn course credit and internship credit.

Students will receive nine 300-level Internship credits and three credits of coursework completed on campus in December. You will meet the Learning Community requirement, PH Learning Perspective and G suffix.

 Open to students in ANY MAJOR with departmental approval




Program Cost: For Winter 2014-2015 costs are tentatively priced at $18,200.   With Augie Choice and on-campus housing (see below) this program is expected to cost $1,700-$2,200 above the cost of Winter term on campus.

Cost Include: This fee includes round trip airfare from Chicago-Sydney, housing, tuition, health insurance, internship placement services, and on-site support. 

Cost does not include: The fee does not include meals while in Sydney (student apartments are equipped with kitchens) or side trips during weekends or Spring Break. The program fee does not include on-campus room & board for December, estimated at $1,570.  This estimate will vary depending on housing and meal plan option chosen by the student for the 2014-2015 year. 

Eligibility:  This program is open to all students beyond the first year. It has a cap of 50 students and is highly competitive and is recommended for juniors and seniors.  All students will be veted by the Dean of Students office and the major department of each.  Students must receive approval from their major department in order to be accepted into the program.  If more approved applications are received than can be enrolled, the program will use the standard Augustana selection process, which places students into placement pools using a combination of GPA and Academic Year.

 Much more information, including photos and testimonials from past participants, 

may be found at the Business Admin. Department's Australia Website.

 Questions? Please contact Karen Petersen, Director of Business Internships | Evald 312 | 309.794.7456

 This program is open only to full-time Augustana students. 

A $2,000 Augie Choice grant is available to all students who are current juniors or seniors or who have completed 6 terms at Augustana prior to departure of the program.