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Summer Programs

Make your summer one to write home about.

Whether its language study, interning or cultural immersion, summer is a great time to expand your horizons

Augustana summer study abroad programs include language immersion options for Spanish, French and German, internship opportunities in London and paired courses (Learning Communities).  Summer is a great time to go abroad not only for the weather, but it allows you to complete additional coursework without compromising a trimester on campus.  With programs from as short as 4 weeks up to a full 11 week equivalant to a trimester, there are many ways to spend your summer doing something amazing.  Most Augustana summer programs are offered every year, unless otherwise indicated.

All Augustana Summer Programs are Augie Choice eligible and many qualify as considered Learning Communities.

Five Reasons to Consider a Summer Program

1. Students with highly-structured majors can take summer coursework overseas.

2. Language immersion summer programs provide up to a year of language coursework in one summer.

3. Student athletes can travel during the summer offseason.

4. All Augustana summer programs are Augie Choice eligible for sophomores.

5. Students can earn credits in the summer to allow for a double major or added minor.


Many Augustana Summer Programs can accept students from other universities. 

Check the individual program website for more information.

Click on the flag to visit each program's website.

Summer French

in Dijon 

BIANNUAL ('15, '17)

Summer German

in Eichstätt 


Summer Spanish

in the Andes 


Summer Internships

in London


Summer Music & Literature

in Paris


 For All Programs: 

Eligibility requirements may vary. Applications are open to all current Augustana sophomores, juniors, or seniors in solid academic standing (2.00 GPA minimum, 2.50 for exchanges).  Augie Choice funds are available to students following completion of 60 academic credits (typically first available for the summer after the sophomore year.)  Additionally, some programs permit students to utilize Augie Choice as sophomores.  Program sites are subject to change and may or may not be repeated in future years.