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Fall Term in Siena, Italy (2015)

Spend Next Fall in Italy

The Fall Term in Siena Program combines study of Italian with electives taught in English.

Imagine spending the fall among the hills of Tuscany, wandering the narrow streets and open piazzas of Siena, popping over to Florence for the day, cafes and gelato as far as your eyes can see.  Sounds too good to be true, but it is all part of Augustana's Fall Term in Siena.  Augustana, partnered with IES Abroad presents a program open to all majors, with options for coursework that will allow you to study the region's glorious past and complex present.  All participants will study introductory Italian language, so that you can better get to know your temporary home, meet the people and immerse yourself in the culture. In addition to Italian, students will be able to choose up to 3 additional courses taught in English to round out their experience.  With side trips to the Chianti and Amiata regions as well as an overnight excursion to Bologna, this program provides opportunities to truly get to know Italy and its people. 

Program Dates:  August 31-Nov 7, 2015

Housing:  Students will be housed in shared furnished apartments in Siena.  Meals are not provided but all students will have kitchen facilities.

Courses:  This program will have the Augustana/IES courses listed below.  Students may opt to enroll in 3 courses plus the 1-credit seminar for a total of 10 credits, or may opt to take all 4 courses plus the seminar for a total of 13 credits.  Students who opt for the 13 credit option should be careful not to create overloads for the remainder of the academic year.  This program is designated as a Learning Community.

ISS Seminar  (number TBD)-- This 1-credit culture seminar is required of all participants. It will include predeparture sessions offered in the Spring of 2015 and on-site meetings and assignments while in Siena.  This course will be led by Dr. Amanda Baugous and Dr. Allen Bertsche (Predeparture)

BUSN 3xx (number TBD): From Production to Consumption-- This course will study the Italian wine industry from the vineyards to the consumer as an example of the complex path of an agricultural product in today's economy.  This course will provide historical context but will also look at today's economic environment, the role of the European Union, national and regional laws and structures which impact the production, sale, export and marketing of this vital product in the Italian economy.   This course will be led by Dr. Amanda Baugous.

ITAL 150 (Approval Pending)-- This course is required of all students.  It is an introduction to basic Italian, including the vocabulary andexpressions which will be of most use to you as you live and study in Siena and travel within Italy.  This course will be taught by local Italian faculty.

WGST 380: Special Topics in Women's & Gender Studies (PP & G pending):  This course, with a focus on "Family & Gender in Medieval & Early Modern Italy" will focus on the dynamics of family life and gender roles during the tumultuous period surrounding the late medieval and the flourishing of the Renaissance in Italy.  This course will be taught by local Italian faculty in English.

WLIT 310:  Topics in World Literature (PL & G pending):  This course will study Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, the seminal masterpiece of Italian literature and a text that will connect with the context of Siena and Florence as rising cultural centers.  Students will study selections of the Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso within the context of the cities and the time of their production.  This course will be taught in English (with the Divine Comedy in English translation) by local Italian faculty.

Program Cost:  Tentative cost: $13,250.  Final program cost will be announced in Fall 2014.  Program cost includes tuition & fees for Fall Term, accomodation in shared apartments in Siena, Airport pickup & transfer from Florence to Siena, all group excursions, health insurance, Access to IES Siena library and computer lab, 24/7 IES emergency support.  Program cost does not include airfare to/from Florence, student meals and discretionary spending.  With these additional costs, students can anticipate a total cost of $16,000-$17,000.  With this total in mind, students who receive Augie Choice will pay LESS for this program than for a standard Fall Term on campus.

Financial Aid: Students participating in this program are eligible for all financial aid they would receive on our Rock Island campus, with the obvious exception of work-study hours.  Students who are juniors or seniors (60 credit hours completed) are also eligible for Augie Choice funds ($2,000 grant).

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