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Study Abroad Scholarships, Grants & Financial Assistance

The cost of the international and off-campus study programs at Augustana vary depending on location, term, and value of the dollar abroad.  Financial aid packages will travel with our students on Augustana trimester abroad programs.  Financial aid does not apply for summer programs or short-term (break) programs.

For students who participate in an Augustana international study program, the Office of Financial Assistance determines increased need and allows greater eligibility for student loans and college work programs. Students may also be eligible for Augustana financial aid with approved Augustana exchange programs. 

Non-Augustana Programs

Study abroad programs that are independent of those offered at Augustana have financial assistance implications. Students who enter into a study abroad program with other service providers are not eligible for institutional assistance from Augustana. In some cases, however, students can retain their eligibility for state and/or federal assistance if the programs meet certain criteria.

If you are currently an Augustana student, we strongly recommend that you speak with representatives from Augustana's Office of Financial Assistance to determine if you qualify for assistance.

Augustana Financial Assistance Specific to International Study

Augie Choice offers Augustana Students with Junior or Senior standing up to $2,000 in funding for Augustana international programs.  Students who are applying for Augie Choice for non-Augustana international programs must consult with the International and Off-Campus Programs Office in order to validate the eligibility of the program for Augie Choice funds.  This program is not competitive, and all eligible students who apply will be granted the Augie Choice fund.

Freistat Center Grants provide funds for both research programs and language immersion programs.  Students interested in the summer language programs in Ecuador or Dijon, external summer language immersion programs, or Augustana exchange programs in Germany, Sweden, Japan or Hong Kong should consider applying for a Freistat Center Grant.   A minimum of 6 weeks in country and 6 credits of language coursework is required for Freistat language immersion grants.  Applications for the upcoming year are due during Winter Term. 

Passport Grants:  The Passport Grant program offers $500 scholarships for students with demonstrated financial need who enroll in either summer or short-term programs.  There is no application for this grant.  All students who enroll in summer or short-term programs by the January due date are reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid and finalists are determined by the International & Off-Campus Program Committee.  All award winners are notified by March 1.  At present there are 8 such awards per year.

ATLAS-Africa Grants:  The ATLAS-Africa Grant program provides one-time grants of $2,000 to students who are enrolled in an approved experiential learning program on the African continent.  Applications for this grant are due in the 7th week of Fall Term each year for upcoming programs held during Augustana's Spring Break or during the upcoming summer.  Students work with a faculty mentor to complete a 1-credit pre-departure Independent Study course as well as a post-program 2-credit Directed Study as part of the ATLAS program. 

External Funding Scholarships and Grants

External scholarships and fellowships are available to current students and students planning graduate study or research.  Some of these can be applied to educational expenses at Augustana, the majority are specifically for graduate programs both nationally and internationally.  Each scholarship and fellowship opportunity has different application and eligibility requirements and deadlines.  Most disciplines and concentrations are represented.  They can be highly competitive and require careful preparation and consultation with a faculty mentor.

The External Scholarship Resource Guide provides a detailed description of these scholarships and grants.  For more information or questions regarding any one of these fellowships, please contact the International & Off-Campus Programs office or the Financial Assistance office. 

FinAid  Provides scholarship searches and extensive information about financial aid links.

FastWeb  Provides free customized scholarship search.

International Education Financial Aid  Provides free searches for scholarships for study abroad.


National Scholarships & Grants specific to study abroad

Gilman Scholarships:  Available to students who also receive federal Pell Grants and who are enrolled in a study abroad program with at least 1 month in a single country.  These competetive scholarships require application at least 1 semester (term) prior to the program.  There are also designated scholarships for summer study abroad programs.  Due to the competitive nature of these grants, Augustana's International & Off-Campus programs must limit its support for the Gilman Grant applications to students with a 3.50 GPA or higher.

Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships  Scholarships available for use with study abroad programs.  Due to the nature of the Rotary Scholarship, this program is recommended only for students who will participate in a program which places students in a single overseas location for no less than 10 weeks.

Association of Teachers of Japanese  Professional association offers resources for studying Japan and its culture including undergraduate scholarships.

Freeman Scholarships  Offers scholarships for undergraduates with financial need to study in Asia.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)  Provides comprehensive information on study abroad, degree study and scholarships in Germany.