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Spring Break in Norway (Winter 2013)

Norwegian CharmStudy Health, Education and Culture in Norway 

(Winter 2015-16)



This program is pending final approval from the International & Off-Campus Programs Committee for Winter 2016.  Approval is anticipated in Fall 2014, at which time the program will officially be added to the options for the 2015-2016 academic year.

We hear a lot about the "socialist" healthcare systems of Europe.  This course provides students with the opportunity to study first-hand the education and health care systems of one of Europe's leading welfare states.  The program will include coursework on campus during the 2012-2013 Winter Term and a Spring Break trip to Norway to visit schools, hospitals, clinics and other sites related to a very different model of social wellbeing.  Along the way, expect to see a fjord or two as well.  This is a 3-credit course, allowing students to engage with other courses during Winter Term and then travelling to Norway during our 2-week Spring Break.

Faculty Contacts:  Dr. David Crowe (English) and Dr. Katie Hanson (Education)

Program Dates:  Spring Break 2016 (exact dates TBD)

Program Cost: $3,900 in 2013, 2016 costs will be announced in Fall 2014.

Cost includes: Airfare, Ground Transportation, Room & Board, Excursions, Insurance

Not included: Discretionary spending

Courses:  This program consists of a 3-credit English course on Creative writing, ENCW: 302 and a 1-credit Education course focusing on differences betwen Norway's and the United States' approaches to education, healthcare and other social programs. These courses are taught during the Winter Term with the program extended into Spring Break for travel.


 This program is open only to full-time Augustana students. 

Funds from Augie Choice are available for this program to any student with Junior status (60 credits or more) at the time of the program departure.   Students must apply for Augie Choice at least 60 days prior to the program departure.