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German Department
Augustana College
Rock Island, IL 61201-2296
(309) 794-7606
Fax: 7443

      B.A., M.A., Ph.D. in German Language and Literature: University of California, Santa Barbara

Teaching Experience:
      Augustana College: Professor of German
Guilford College: Assistant Professor of German
University of Nevada, Reno: Visiting Assistant Professor of German

Courses Taught:

Beginning and Intermediate German, Advanced Conversation, Composition, Civilization (Beginnings to 1750, Enlightenment to Young Germany), Survey of German Literature (Medieval and Renaissance, Baroque, Storm and Stress, Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism); Young Goethe, Faust, Literature in Translation (Fairy Tales, Medieval, 19th-Century German and Austrian Literature, Goethe, Romanticism), Beginning and Intermediate Russian.

College Service:
      Faculty Senate
Foreign Studies Committee
Coordinator, Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Chair, German Department
Director, Semester Program in Munich (1985, 1987)
Coordinator, Exchange Program with the University of Passau
Director, Summer Program in Passau (1991, 1999, 2003, 2005)
Director, Spring Term in Vienna (1993, 1995)

      1987: Grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
1979: Grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
2006: Presidential Research Fellowship

Extended Time and Research Abroad:
      2005 (summer): director of Augustana College’s Summer Program in Passau
2003 (spring): sabbatical research in Germany
2003: (summer): director of Augustana College's Summer Program in Passau
1999: (summer): director of Augustana College's Summer Program in Passau
1997: (summer): research on the former Cistercian abbey of Notre-Dame d'Aulps
1996: (fall): research on Cistercian monasteries in Provence
1995: (fall): sabbatical in the Jura region of France (research on the former monastery of Condadisco [St-Claude]).
1995: (spring): director of Augustana College's Spring Term in Vienna
1993: (spring): director of Augustana College's Spring Term in Vienna
1991: (summer): director of Augustana College's Summer Program in Passau
1987: (fall): director of Guilford College's Semester Abroad Program in Munich
1987: (summer): funded research (DAAD) in Munich
1985: (fall): director of Guilford College's Semester Abroad Program in Munich
1979: (summer): post-doctoral research (DAAD) in Göttingen
1976-1977: dissertation research in Göttingen
1972-1973: undergraduate study in Göttingen

Areas of Specialization and Interest:

Medieval literature (French and German), young Goethe, Storm and Stress, Romanticism (French and German), Romanesque art and architecture, Medieval history.



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Recent Reviews:

Neue deutsche Literaturgeschichte. Vom ‘Ackermann’ zu Günter Grass.” In: Monatshefte, 1998 (vol. 90, number 1), pp. 102-103.

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Creative Writing :

In the Company of Angels. A novel. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Commonwealth Publications, 1997.

“Aesthetica” (poem). In: Lyrical Iowa 2004 (59), p. 51.

“Photograph” (short story). In: Harrington Lesbian Literary Journal, vol. 8, issue 3, 2007.



Pilger’s Homecoming (novel, under submission).