Field Trips

The geography department offers numerous fieldtrips for its students. Trips range from 5-10 days and generally alternate between early (May) or late summer (August). Past field trips include Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Southern Illinois, New England, the Middle Atlantic states, northern New Mexico, the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Coast.

Local field trips are included regularly in course offerings. For example, the Water and Land Resources class (GEOG 103) takes a field trip into the farmland of Rock Island County. The Cultural Geography class (GEOG 210) takes several trips to analyze three types of settlement landscapes-the small town, a medium sized city, and finally a trip to Chicago to study a large city landscape. Through trips in Urban and Economic Geography class (GEOG 325) students learn about cityscapes and economic processes at work in cities from a geographic viewpoint. Students in the Water Resources class (GEOG 305) have the opportunity to explore the Mississippi River on the departmentís research boat.

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