A Model Program

Geography at Augustana: A Model Program

Augustana has an outstanding geography program, described in a 1981 accreditation report as "the model of geography program resources." A variety of natural science, social science and methodological courses are complemented by some special features.


The College's location offers many opportunities for work experience and on-the-spot investigations into urban and rural problems. The Quad Cities is a large metropolitan area on the Mississippi River -- composed of 2 states, 3 counties and 14 municipalities -- and is the location for the offices of not only these local government units and private companies, but also for some important national environmental agencies.

Field Opportunities

Augustana's field opportunities are exceptional and abundant, including internships, field trips, foreign study programs and individual research projects.

Liberal Arts Curriculum

The College's liberal arts curriculum encourages active, working relationships with fields related to different branches of geography -- particularly with ...

political science
public administration
Asian studies and
Latin American studies.