Charles Mahaffey

Dr. Mahaffey is a professor of Geography and the chair of the Augustana Geography Department. He began teaching at Augustana in 1977. Dr. Mahaffey earned his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin, Superior, and went on to earn his M.S. and PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In the past he has served as co-director of Augustana’s Latin American foreign term program. Dr. Mahaffey’s main interests in the field of geography include cultural ecology, urban geography, environmental conservation, and the geography of Latin America.

Economic Geography
Environmental Conservation
Urban and Transport Systems
Latin America
Geographical Research

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Norman Moline

Dr. Moline is a professor of Geography and holds the Edward Hamming Chair in Geography. He began teaching at Augustana in 1968. Dr. Moline graduated from Augustana College in 1964. He went on to receive his M.A. from the University of Chicago in 1966 and his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1970. Dr. Moline is the co-director of Augustana’s East Asian foreign term program and the co-advisor of the Environmental Studies program at Augustana. Dr. Moline’s main areas of interest in geography include cultural geography, planning, historic preservation, and East Asia.

Water and Land Resources
Cultural Geography
Geographical Perspectives
Land Resource Management
East Asia
Urban and Regional Planning
Historical Geography

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Reuben Heine

Dr. Heine is a professor of Geography and began teaching at Augustana in 2005. He earned his B.S. from St. Cloud and went on the earn his M.S. and PhD from Southern Illinois University. He is the advisor for Geography Club.

Global Weather and Climate Systems
Landforms and Landscapes
Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
Water Resources Management

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Jennifer Burnham (formerly Horwath)

Dr. Burnham is a professor of geography and a 1997 graduate of Augustana College. She joined the department in 2006. After working for several years in the soil conservation field, Jennifer returned to school where she received her M.S. from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and her Ph.D. from the University of Washington. Her dissertation research focused on the spatial distribution of organic carbon stored in soils of northwest Greenland. This research has important implications for the study of carbon cycling in the Arctic and the role that the release of previously frozen carbon may have on global climate change. To learn more about her arctic research, please click here.

Global Weather and Climate
Land and Water Resources
Physical Geology
Environmental Geology

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