Environmental Management and Forestry
The environmental management and forestry program is recommended for students interested in combining natural science and social science perspectives in managing the environment. Augustana is affiliated with the prestigious School of the Environment at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, in a coordinated degree program that integrates undergraduate education with a professional education. The program requires three years of study at Augustana, followed by two years at Duke University in either forestry or environmental management.

The Curriculum

At Augustana, students major in one of the natural or social sciences, humanities, pre-engineering, or business. Complementary coursework includes at least one year each of biology and mathematics, two terms in economics, and a geography course in land resources management. Students must have at least a 3.2 grade-point average to apply to Duke. At Duke, students choose to specialize in one of the following programs of study:
  • biohazard science
  • coastal environmental management environmental toxicology, chemistry and risk assessment
  • forest resource management
  • resource ecology
  • resource economics and policy
  • water and air resources

In recent years, Augustana students have shown particular interest in and enrolled in Duke's coastal management program. In this program, students spend their second year at Duke at the excellent marine lab at the coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina.

After one year at Duke, students receive the A.B. degree from Augustana; after their second year, students earn the degree of Master of Environmental Management or Master of Forestry from Duke. The School of the Environment maintains a separate placement service that contributes to the success of its graduates in finding good positions.

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