Environmental Laboratories
In 1992 Augustana acquired two parcels of land to serve as environmental field stations. The Collinson Ecological Preserve in Milan, Illinois consists of 67 acres of mature forest and two small hill prairies, with Mill Creek running along the west boundary. Green Wing Environmental Laboratory is a 420-acre field station located approximately 80 miles northeast of campus near Dixon, Illinois. Green Wing is a combination of wetlands, forests, and grassland remnants, a variety of habitats that offers exciting opportunities for field study and research.

As part of Augustanaís participation in a recently completed multi-million dollar Pew Science Program in Undergraduate Education, an Augustana ecologist and five Pew Scholars initiated a long term research project involving both Green Wing and the nearby 1000-acre Nachusa Grasslands owned by the Nature Conservancy. A major goal of the research project is to restore the prairie habitats. In the future, opportunities for student involvement in Green Wing research will widen - through both regular coursework and summer studies.

The Augustana field stations are members of the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS)- a network of 170 stations throughout the U.S., parts of Latin America and Canada, which share the goals of research, education and preservation of the environment.