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November 7, 2005



President Bahls invites proposals for Presidential Research Fellowships to support faculty research in the summer of 2006. The fellowships are intended to support research and scholarship at Augustana. Find out more.


Learning Communities

Learning Communities Statement

Please send learning community proposals to Jeff Abernathy by December 5th by using this form.

As you consider offering a learning community, please keep the following in mind.
By the completion of the learning community requirement, students should have:

  • Demonstrated improved communication abilities by revisiting research, writing and speaking skills that were addressed in the first year courses.
  • Drawn more definite connections between disciplines and created a coherent perspective.
  • Increased time on task and interaction with students in the learning community and thereby enhanced understanding and achievement.

By teaching in a learning community, faculty will have:

  • Broadened their pedagogical repertoire.
  • Increased their interaction with other faculty and students.
  • Promoted meaningful collaboration and experimentation.

From the Registrar
Fall grades are due in the Office of the Registrar on Monday, November 21, 2005. Incomplete fall grades are due to the office on Wednesday, December 21, 2005.


From the Library
To augment a display of art nouveau and art deco inkstands from the first 30 years of the 20th century, the Library is seeking ink pens from the same period. Please contact Margi Rogal if you have pens you would loan for a display during Winter Term.