Volume 5, Issue • September 24, 2007


International Students at Augustana in the Classroom & Advising: Points to Remember

Classroom Behavior

•  Many international students (especially those from East Asia ) come from more restrictive classroom situations.

•  They are less likely to raise their hands to answer questions.

•  They may become extremely embarrassed when called on to answer a question - whether they know the answer or not.

•  They are more likely to misunderstand “plagiarism.” We do cover this during Orientation, but it would not hurt to go over expectations with the class.

•  They are less likely to make eye contact with the professor.

•  They may have difficulties with group projects/presentations.

•  When they know the answer or wish to contribute in class, they often have the response ready - but in their native language. It sometimes takes a while for them to become comfortable in speaking out loud to the class. Many are embarrassed thinking their English is not satisfactory.


Speaking to a Professor or Administrator

•  They are less likely to come to your office and speak to you unless directly invited. A scheduled office visit would solve this problem.

•  They may ask the same question more than once. If they do - try rephrasing your comments. Then ask them to repeat it to you so you know the message was understood.

•  They will rarely ask you to clarify something you said.

•  They will tend to take criticism more personally.


Advising International Students (full-time, degree seeking)

•  Students must not drop below full time status. Therefore, that means they must carry at least 8 credits.


Concerns? Questions?

Please feel free to contact either Kim Tunnicliff, X-8283, or Jane Tiedge, X-8980, in the International Office - Denkmann B30.